I don’t know how it works

“Even though I don’t know how it works, I deeply and completely accept my ability to heal on every level.”

This is my favorite “set-up phrase” for doing EFT – and for Qigong Tapping.  When we tap on various parts of our bodies, we are stimulating the skin, the flesh, the blood vessels,muscles,  tendons, ligaments, connective tissue, bones, and the very marrow of the bones.  We are stimulating the Qi channels – the meridians used in acupuncture – if you believe they exist.

The idea behind EFT and Qigong tapping is that we can re-program old thought and body patterns, by unlocking stored trauma and  replacing it with new, healthier patterns.  You can google “EFT” to learn more.  Gary Craig founded the EFT technique, and his website is comprehensive.

Qigong tapping is less specific than EFT.  We tap all over the body – there are acupuncture points and meridians everywhere – and according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the points and channels can move.  So by tapping everywhere, we are bound to hit something, right?  Plus it feels good, like a free full body massage!

There is more and more research confirming that the mind can override the DNA, and that positive thinking assists in healing.  So when I’m doing a tapping sequence, I like to harness the energy to good thoughts by using affirmations or a set-up phrase, like this one – my favorite.  I hope you enjoy it too.

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