Honesty Inventory

This is excerpted from Dr. Evelyn Higgins‘ most recent newsletter:

The 90-Minute Principle:  “The first 90 minutes of your day sets the tone for the remaining 1350 minutes.  Take a look at how you begin your day.  Is it rushed, behind schedule, chaotic?  Is it answering emails, which are truly other people’s agendas?  Or is it, prayerful, meditative, exercising the mind as well as the body?”

My day usually begins before sunrise, to the sound of my husband tip-toeing around, soft, distant music from my alarm, or birds outside the window.  My habitual first thought in the morning, and last thought at night is “Thank you for a good night’s sleep, and thank you for abundant energy for my day.”  I enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, while I read two daily devotionals and spend a few minutes in meditation.  Then I walk to my favorite spot on the beach, and practice morning Qigong as the sun comes up.  Three or four pieces of fruit, and handful of nuts in the Vitamix blender makes the best breakfast ever.  Today was five Florida peaches (they’re small!) with flax seed, ginger and turmeric root.  “Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Hippocrates is quoted as saying.

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