Moon Festival and Equinox

The Autumn Equinox is today, following the climax of a full moon. The Chinese Moon Festival is a celebration of harvesting and gathering. Family reunions are emphasized. I am grateful for my Qi Family.

We are entering the Yin time of year as nights will grow longer, days will grow shorter until the Spring Equinox concludes and reverses the cycle. Seasonal cycles are the wheels of life. The energy of Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere) is obviously that of new beginnings. Summer is the hard work of growing and bearing fruit. Now, Autumn is the time to harvest and assess the harvest. What went well? What might be better? What lessons have been presented? What is worth keeping, and can we let go of the rest? These questions are suitable meditations for Autumn until the Winter Solstice, when the energy shifts to a time of resting and dreaming, preparing for the rebirth of Spring.

The annual cycle of beginning, climax, ending and resting is reflected in our daily cycles of waking, working, assessing and sleeping. The same cycle is occurring with each breath as well. Take a deep one now, inhaling fresh energy until it reaches a peak that calls for change of direction, release, exhaling, relax and ready for another breath, another day, another cycle, another season. Wheels within wheels, circles within cycles. May you have much to celebrate!