A Corona Virus Response

We are being encouraged to “wash our hands” as we receive reports that millions of people are being quarantined in other countries.  Some of us crossing borders on cruise ships are being quarantined, and some of us are finding our flights and public events being cancelled.  What are we to think?  “Wash your hands.”

Pontius Pilate washed his hands, but he is forever stained.  What else can we do?


As usual, there is no single silver bullet to solve the conundrum.  There is only a menu of best practices in order to purify the self and purify all.  Practice to purify body, breath and mind.  Purify to be healthy and to share good health with others.

How do we purify the Body?  Avoid processed foods, especially sugars and sucrose products unless coming directly from a fresh fruit in your hand.  Eat lots of vegetables and fruits.  Seek out products that are grown locally and with great regard for Gaia, the integrity of Mother Earth.  If you have underlying weaknesses and ailments, seek help.  You may need immunization or isolation.  If you are not well, do not carry your illness into public.  Rest, recuperate, and seek intelligent help.

How do we purify the Breath?  Breathe deeply of clean air.    Engage your diaphragm to breathe deeply, since it activates the lymphatic and immune systems.  Be selective of the air you breathe, avoiding chemical “fresheners” and off-gassing when possible.  Don’t contribute to foul air with unnecessary emissions from driving, flying or using chemical products.  If you are ill, please don’t breathe on others.  Anyone, whether well or unwell can benefit from deep breathing practice.  The ability to hold the breath indicates lung health, and the practice of holding the breath tones the vagus nerve and baroreceptors that emit positive hormones.

How do we purify the Mind?  Discipline the mind with meditation and a dedicated practice of yoga, tai chi, qigong or other forms which strengthen body-breath-mind harmony.  Practice and discipline are a choice – a time tested means to an end.   By entering these practices, one may even enter the unified field and find communion with countless others who are practicing for the benefit of self and the benefit of all.

Body, breath, mind – these are the gifts, the Three Treasures of our existence.  May we realize and utilize these gifts abundantly so that we may share them freely.  And wash your hands.

photo of people near wooden table

Photo by fauxels on Pexels.com