Giving Thanks

I feel so grateful for my life of abundance.  While it may be ridiculously modest compared to many, it is full of so much luxury and security relative to the other end of the human spectrum.  I never tire of running water, and the gift of A/C in Florida!  A car that stops and starts, legs that go and eyes that see.   The amazing beauty of the earth and sky, the landscape and the living things.  The other souls on my journey, my teachers, my students, my family, friends and neighbors, and the people I meet by chance every day.  I’m grateful for public servants, all the workers and workplaces that bring food to my table, furnishings to my home, fuel to my car.  For local and global leaders who are willing to pull the cart of history down the road, for followers that make choices based on compassion and egalitarian ideals.  For written words, for art and music.  Grateful for my coffee in the morning, wine in the evening, all the ups and downs in between, and the Tai Chi that helps it all make sense.  20170119222822
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