Tai Chi Easy and Classic Taiji Principles

The weather looks good for our second Tai Chi Easy Meetup, Sunday, Jan. 10 at 2PM at Highland Park, corner of Zillicoa and Montford Avenue, in Asheville, North Carolina.  Last week we focused on a Qigong movement called the Flowing Motion.  It is a prime example of how to “turn on” the body’s natural healing resources.  Slow, relaxed movement + deep breathing + a clear mind (which is obtained by focusing on relaxing the body and deep breathing) is a formula for creating the “healing elixir within.”  Stress is the number one cause of disease – we can only heal when we relax. 

We also practiced Tai Chi Walking, which is Number One exercise for balance, and not at all like normal walking!  It takes babies a year to learn to walk, and it can take much longer to master Tai Chi Walking.  

We learned the first Tai Chi Easy movement, called Harmonizing Yin and Yang (a.k.a. Parting the Wild Horses Mane.)  These three things are a lot for a first-timer, and we will repeat them.  Experienced Tai Chi players know that these movements are profound and meaningful, as they express the Tai Chi principles that inform all schools of practice.