New teacher, new student, new home!

My Sifu Dimitri Mougdis introduced me to Anisha DeSai Fraser and encouraged her to teach me Vincent Chu’s Returning Taiji form. My personal practice is invigorated as I learn what this form teaches, and I continue to learn from Dimitri and the Medium Frame for that I have been practicing for the past four-and-a-half years. My new home in North Carolina has an indoor sunroom, and outdoor porch and a front yard that are exactly the right size for a full practice. The butterflies outside are constant reminders of proper form. The photos are Medium Frame Needle at Sea Bottom. The front foot must be so light that “you can hold a butterfly down without killing it” according to Sifu’s instructions. “You’re killing the butterfly!” was a comment frequently heard at the Internal Arts Institute as we practiced and played together on the floor.

Today I am visiting with the Program Director for Henderson County Parks and Recreation, to see if I can offer Tai Chi Easy classes at the local rec centers. I teach Tai Chi Easy, and practice Tai Chi hard!