Light and Darkness

Winter Solstice Celebration Qigong Friday, December 14, 2018, 10AM at Unity of Fort Pierce, 3414 Sunrise Blvd.  

Light and darkness, life and death, on the right and left,

these are children, they are inseparably together.

But the good are not good, and the wicked not wicked,

life not life, death not death.

Each element fades to an original source.

But those who live above the world cannot fade.

They are eternal.  — The Gospel of Philip

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2 thoughts on “Light and Darkness

  1. The Gospel Of Philip? I can’t find this in any of my bibles. Where did you get this? Quite interested as it’s totally yin/yang philosophy, just like the beatitudes. “You who weep now will laugh. You who hunger now will be filled. “ etc.

    Thanks and blessings


    • I just discovered it myself in the Gnostic Bible. The Gnostic gospels were condemned as heresy as the Christian church evolved. Joseph Campbell’s book Transformations of Myth through Time prompted my exploration of Gnosticism.


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