A Grateful Heart

Today was one of those glad-to-be-alive days.  As I walked in the cool autumn air under a brilliant blue sky, I felt so grateful to be ambulatory – just to be moving freely, surrounded by beautiful sights, intriguing fragrances, and the sounds of birds and my busy community. Filled with gratitude, I thought of the teachers that have guided and inspired me on the path of well-being.

Nineteen years ago, Master Song Tso “Charlie” Chen introduced me to the art and mystery of Tai Chi.  Ten years ago, Jeff Primack blew the lid off my practice and reignited my passion for Qigong.  Eight  years ago, John Wolcott the Cloudwalker connected me to the elements and the environment, adding a profound dimension to my practice.  Four years ago, I met Dr. Roger Jahnke, and embarked on a journey deeper into the mystery of life and the magnificence of bein14976732_10154631558041768_5299335029676722778_og human.  Roger once described Qigong “as a way to investigate your ultimate nature that yields great physical benefit”  and also as “a physical pathway that opens the portal to your ultimate nature.”  He noted that “the bottom up approach is the same as the top down approach.”

That’s a Tai Chi.

Last month, hungry for a local teacher, I discovered Sifu Dimitri Mougdis at the Internal Arts Institute in Stuart, Florida.  Dimitri’s knowledge and skill are matched only by his kindness and benevolence. I am grateful to have found another teacher and a group of students with whom to share this wondrous journey.

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