“I am open and courageous as I follow my heart to new adventures.

I give thanks for divine discontent – that inner stirring to do or be more.  With each inner nudge, I have an opportunity to express more fully my divine potential.  I open to my higher voice, the whisper of Spirit in my heart, compelling me forward on new quests and rewarding life experiences.”  from the Daily Word April 12, 2016.  www.dailyword.com

Last night I set up my first website, full of trepidation, questions, concerns that it wouldn’t be right…but moreover, excited, empowered, and open to new possibilities.  I awoke an hour earlier than usual this morning, abuzz with creativity and optimism.  Thank you for visiting Three Keys Tai Chi.  To join the discussion about Tai Chi, Qigong and meditation, please register and share your thoughts.  








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